About us

« 2030.lu - Ambition pour le futur » is a broad public debate embracing everyone who wants to speak up to discuss the future of Luxembourg and the challenges faced by our country.

This open and participative platform for debate is meant to be a direct and unprecedented interaction between economic and social leaders, representatives of the civil society as well as the broad public. To reach this objective « 2030.lu - Ambition pour le futur » intends to gather the largest number of individuals wishing to get involved. Men and women, young and less young people, nationals and foreigners, residents and commuters, employers and employees, decision makers from the business or civil society, representatives from charities and non-profit associations, aso.

« 2030.lu - Ambition pour le futur » has the ambition to challenge public authorities as well as all citizens in a non-partisan debate. The results of the open and independent process will be made public in autumn 2013.

« 2030.lu - Ambition pour le futur » counts on the active support and participation of numerous personalities representing various opinion streams and schools of thoughts of the Luxembourg society thus gathering a broad range of individuals. 2030.lu has the sole ambition to depict a vision of the country. It is not the ownership of an organization, but of the civil society at large.

Debate results belong to participants as a whole. « 2030.lu - Ambition pour le futur » enjoys the physical support of the Chamber of Commerce of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Latter does not intervene into content proposals.

The initiative “2030.lu – Ambition pour le futur” is run by the following people :

  • Marc Wagener, general coordinator
  • Patrick Ernzer, head of communication
  • Pascale Kauffmann, press relations
  • Jérôme Merker, editorial team member
  • Michel-Edouard Ruben, editorial team member


Web : www.2030.lu
E-mail : info@2030.lu
Tél.: 8002 2323 (green number, free)